Keeping The Wheels Turning

In an emergency there is nothing more important than a well-equipped emergency service. But the service to ambulance fleet managers wanting to de-fleet, hire or purchase new stock has been largely fragmentary and piecemeal in the UK. That is, until now.

The yawning gap in the market for a unique platform where dealers and independent ambulance companies can meet and trade in a fair marketplace, and where the wheels of those deals are oiled by access to funding, has now been filled, by the vision of one man, Mike Lowe, at one of the leading finance companies in the country, Creative™, who are responsible for brands such as Creative Funding Solutions™, Hire Company Finance™,, and now

Ambulance Trader is completely free to use, but we expect that more than a few buyers will be looking to finance their purchases from the site, and as the broker in residence with access to exclusive funding lines and a wide panel of handpicked lenders, we expect to capitalise on those opportunities. That’s what’s in it for us.

Access To A Range Of Funds

Ambulance TraderOur customers will gain access to finance lease funding, HP and unsecured business loans – we offer very low rate funding, competitive with anything in the high street, large credit lines, flexible terms, kit funding and unparalleled support and guidance from our expert team of professionals experienced in this sector.

If you see anything on Ambulance Trader that you like, speak to Mike, Paul or Tony here at Creative™ and we’ll get the funding in place for you just as quick as you like. Request a callback to discover your options just as soon as you start to negotiate price.

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